NFL may sell 2016 Los Angeles tickets before a team even moves -

A supply mentioned the NFL anticipates that issue and will as a result incorporate a proposal for a rebate on any kind of deposit, contingent on the move.

Having fans involving three teams plunking funds down ahead involving time of a relocation will surely construct a lot more momentum for which appears to be an inevitability only from that point -- your league's return towards the country's second-biggest market since leaving after 1994.

Updated AUG 6, 2015 with 3:48p ET

No vote on the prospective transfer is expected to be taken in the course of next week's meeting.

Sources have got told FOX Sports that, from next Tuesday's unique meeting in Illinois, NFL owners will discuss implementing an application to allow fans to create deposits to obtain on the waiting record pertaining to tickets at a temporary stadium within L.A. Virtually Any such vote isn't most likely until late this year, once the 3 candidates in order to make the move will be well to the regular season.

The objective would be to begin out creating any season-ticket base for the 2016 season now, rather than waiting until it's clear which, and the way many, teams will possibly be creating the move.

Last month, the Los Angeles Occasions broached the possibility of your ticket-waiting checklist to find a temporary stadium and suggested there has been clearly the debate concerning whether or perhaps not a new charge should be charged. . Louis.

Attention Rams, Raiders along with Chargers fans: A Person might soon find any way to get in line with regard to tickets to your team's residence games next season throughout Los Angeles.

New York Giants president and CEO John Mara had been the many recent team executive to say he expects NFL video games inside Los Angeles next year. Inside fact, Mara stated he expects 2 teams to move there ahead of the 2016 season.

Obviously, virtually any fans of a particular team would be interested in a seat license only if their team eventually moves in order to Los Angeles. in addition, your owners will hear about developments inside the teams' current markets inside San Diego, Oakland and also St. prior to the conclusion with the calendar year.

Even prior to it's determined whether your team will really transfer there.

The league known as next week's meeting to become able to allow interested teams to present their particular vision for a transfer in order to Los Angeles and also fully share the things they desire to establish there

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